leadmetothelost I am a beloved daughter of Jesus Christ. I began my walk with Him in January of 2012 at 18 years old. He revealed His purpose to me and I will go out and share His words and His love to all. I'm a Psychology major and will be continuing with prison ministry. I live to worship the one who died for me, Jesus Christ is my love, my life, and my all.

"Worship is no longer worship when it reflects the culture around us more than the Christ within us." AW Tozer. (via poppiesandforests)

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I so needed to see this…
"You’re trying so hard to be something for God, that you fail to see what He’s trying to be for you. He’s trying to be the love you’re searching for, the one who meets every spiritual longing, the one who accepts you and receives you. Let God be the one He’s trying to be in your life."Unka Glen  (via godmoves)

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